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April 28, 2003

The Future of America is Freedom

My goal is to focus the role of government solely on eliminating unprovoked acts of force, fraud, and theft. This means defending our citizens from physical harm, enabling individuals to defend themselves from fraud and corporate mishandling, and returning justice to the justice system.

The Tool of Government Force

The government is not in a position to solve social ills, moral dilemmas, or personal problems. The government is the hand of force, installed to protect and defend its citizens from unprovoked acts of harm.

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence - it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." - George Washington

We all learn in childhood that using force is wrong - you can't take Johnny's toys, because they are his toys. And we all know that fighting, or beating someone up, is no way to solve a problem, or to convince someone to change his or her ways. If you don't like how Johnny plays, and you can't convince him to play your way, then you simply don't play with Johnny. But you may not force Johnny to play your way. This is a simple fact of life: the first use of force is never the right way to solve a problem.

And yet we have now grown used to having the tool of government force to divide our belongings as it sees fit, or, in theory, as "we" see fit. And we have authorized the tool of government to invoke first use of force against a wide array of people whose habits we disagree with.

Would beating Johnny up stop him if he was eating paste? Probably not. And if so, it would undoubtedly seed a resentment in Johnny that would be unlikely to go away. Yet we as adults readily agree to the jailing and looting of those citizens who we think aren't doing smart things with their time.

And so it goes in our country today, as the government literally acts as The People's Bully, pushing us around and reassigning our money for our supposed best interests. But who in Washington knows YOUR best interests? I submit- no one. Only you know the right way to spend your time and money. Only you know the best way to act, worship, or seek your personal happiness.

People Not Government

Many would like to credit the government's many "betterment plans" with the outstanding growth, prosperity, and progress that we have seen in the past century.

The government's efforts have undoubtedly provided support and relief to many people and minority groups in the past century. And it has played a vital role in the prosperity of certain chosen industries. But the greatest responsibility for the success of the U.S.A. lies, as always, with its people. Where would our politicians be without their populace? It's a trick question. They'd be in Washington, insulated from the real world. Just like they are now.

I believe that the amazing advances in this country in the past century have come in spite of the government's involvement, not because of it. I further believe that government interference has done an unfathomable amount of damage, and has muted progress in many areas. Natural and clean fuels, natural medicines and alternative therapies, and mass transportation are but a few of the areas where governmental meddling has had a detrimental impact. The War on Drugs, institutionalized racism and religion, and the politicizing of home and family are other ways in which the government has intervened, to the point of permanently disfiguring our sense of community, and the concept of "brotherly love."

A Model of Prosperity

The Internet is a fantastic example of how the private sector is a better actor than the government in economic matters. It operates with relatively little government interference, and is a model of prosperity like none before in history.

What is irrefutably the most free community in human history, the Internet, is also the most successful, advanced, and prosperous in human history. It is no coincidence. And the prosperity only came to be when the private sector "took over" the Internet from the government. The 'Net has been around since the 60's, but it didn't get cool until Netscape, Microsoft, CompuServe, AOL, and the rest of us got online, and made it cool.

The government had it for 20 years and didn't do much of anything with it, except for advancing the military, and fostering an elite intellectual core through the universities.

More Government Means Less People

It is the people - the individuals, to be more accurate - of any community that make it great. They do so with a handicap, which is the amount of interference the government places into their lives.

The more the government runs the country, the less the people do. Government, like any institution, seeks to advance its own interests. We all do. But the government's interests are not the interests of any single one of us.

The Candidate's Offer

If you are willing to give more and more of yourself, and more and more of everybody else's self, away to the government, until we have no People, only Country and Government, then you should probably vote Democrat or Republican (it doesn't matter which) until they dissolve as parties, and our country dissolves with them.

If you would like to take a shot at saving us from ourselves and our government, and you think it might be o.k. if everybody was left to do what they want as long as they don't hurt anyone, please support my campaign for president in 2008. I believe that I have the foresight, dedication, and media savvy required to be a viable candidate. In the coming months and years, I will prove that to you.

Additionally, I believe that a very young candidate could inspire an unprecedented wave of new voters. My outsider and maverick status, which I warmly embrace, should also bring out large numbers of disgruntled voters and first time or reluctant voters. Plus my 14-year long campaign provides me with plenty of time to build up a well-coordinated and recognized campaign effort, and to prepare myself to be a candidate, and a President. I assure you, my campaign will be like none ever seen before in America. It will have to be, and I am fully devoted to making it so. I am intent on providing the people of the United States (and, by extension, the "free world") a way out - an escape hatch, if you will - from the frightening embrace of Big Brother which is already beginning to squeeze our collective ribs.

At age 30, I have already proven my ability to challenge authority effectively, to motivate and inspire a community, and to provoke a large-scale reconsidering of the dominant social paradigm in a given target area. I am an effective public speaker, organizer, and leader. And I have the spirit, charisma, and energy to inspire the country to want to choose the way out, instead of simply "the lesser of two evils".

That popular phrase, used so often when voting time comes around, tells more about the sad state of our "democracy" than anything else. A "lesser of two evils" is still an evil. What can our future hold for us when the only "serious" choices in an election are both considered evils?


I have chosen to devote my life, and my personal skills, talents, and energies toward seeking a peaceful way for Americans to escape from the chains that we have all grown up thinking are a normal part of our outfit as citizens. Wearing chains is not man's natural state; and just because the chains of today's America are often clothed in rhetoric, and plated gold, doesn't change the fact that they are chains that bind, and they are a weight that we no longer need to carry. I will die before I will give up the fight to bring justice back to the Department of Justice, to return independence to Independence Day, and to give this great country back to the people who have earned it.

The future of America is freedom -- we just need to rise up and make it so. When the time comes, I hope you'll rise up with me.

Posted by Lance Brown at April 28, 2003 12:03 AM | TrackBack
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