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May 25, 2003

The Campaign "Elevator Pitch"

I am serious in my presidential ambitions. I started my campaign in 1994, and I decided to devote most of my life to it. Within the next year I'll start touring the country, and will be doing so for most of the next 5 years. I intend to win the Libertarian Party's nomination in 2008, and to combine their 50-state ballot access and large body of supporters* with my own supporters -- college students, Green-libertarians, netizens, homeschooling families, and other constituencies. For the most part, I plan to target the "other" hundred million eligible voters -- the people who are sick of both the Democrats and the Republicans, and who have just about given up on the whole system. For the most part, the "Lesser of Two Evils" voters and party loyalists won't vote for me (or any truly independent candidate), so I'll be targeting everybody else -- which fortunately is a majority of Americans. I intend to offer them a genuine chance to break out of the malaise that (we all know in our hearts) has infected our government and political system.

There's a lot more to the plan, but those are the broad strokes.

* I don't mean to imply that I aim to "take over" the Libertarian Party, like Pat Buchanan did with the Reform Party. I am a Libertarian Party member and local leader, and I am running under their banner because I believe in the LP's goals and values, and I believe that Libertarian principles are the best guideline for America's future. I also believe that the Libertarian Party is the most active, successful, and well-organized third party in more than a century in America. As minor as their successes may seem in relation to the Bipartisans', the LP is the only third party that is anywhere near what could be called national political success.

Posted by Lance Brown at May 25, 2003 03:26 AM | TrackBack


I have enjoyed reading your views over the last few weeks, as they echo my own in so many ways. I am very interested in your progress as a presidential candidate, and from where I sit (London), I hope you win the damn thing! Anything has to be better than the current situation - I feel like I'm in 1939 watching the emergence of a fascist state. That's not said lightly, either.

These are some questions I have - though I warn you, my knowledge of US politics is slim, but growing.

1. Guns. Here in the UK, we have a low level of gun-related crime (so the papers say, I haven't checked the figures) and this is attributed by many to our anti-gun laws. Considering the log you posted regarding your PATRIOT Act, it seems like no amount of guns will protect you from a domineering government. In fact, it might get you shot.

Do you think US gun laws need absolutely no amendment? That doesn't mean banning guns - just making sure each owner goes through a basic sanity check before becoming an owner!

I'm aware that the US is a fundamentally different society to the UK, and requires different laws. I guess I just think there's probably more guns over there than you need.

2. Nader. It seems like the US already has a charismatic third option in Ralph Nader. I may well be showing my ignorance here! He seems to represent an intellectual approach to issues that we both share, and he has participated in the last election, to some success. Perhaps a strategic alliance would be beneficial to both groups, rather than splitting the "Thinking Man's Vote"? This will also give you time to pick up more political experience, which can only be of benefit to yourself and your country.

It would be great to get your view on these two issues, and I'm sure I'll think of more questions as 2008 approaches!

Best wishes,


Posted by: Andrew at May 26, 2003 09:28 PM

OK, so I just noticed your scathing assessment of Nader! If I'd have read that before posting, I might not have asked the second question. But still, I believe from reading Nader's views that he represents something we can all agree on - no more corporate pimping in government, no more needless agression, no more inadequate healthcare for the poor, etc. etc. What do you think Lance?

Best wishes,


Posted by: Andrew at May 26, 2003 09:44 PM
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