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   "I've been reading some of the political content at, and find it damn interesting.
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   "I'm not ready to declare myself a Libertarian, but your site piques me and makes me think. And that's (at least) half the battle.
   "Very interesting."
-- Kurt B.,
Allentown, Pa.

   "Wow I am amazed and joyous! Your views are just what this country needs! I am going to spread the word about your campaign."
-- Elizabeth Ward

   "I read every article posted on your site and was amazed to find myself repeatedly saying 'Wow, I agree with that.'"

   "I'm pro-Lance as long as I'm not also running for prez" - 
-- Mojo Nixon, entertainer and revolutionary

   "You are probably this country's last chance at freedom in this lifetime."
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   "I stumbled upon your website and it is WONDERFUL. You can count on MY VOTE and MY SUPPORT in 2008!!!"
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Grayson, KY

   "This is the blog belonging to my former boss and aspiring President of the United States. I remain pledged to moving to Ireland if he actually wins but still it's an interesting site."
-- Adam Graham,
Boise, Idaho

   "I just want to take a minute to tell you that we really do appreciate your writing over here. I find the state of this country so outrageous that I mostly sit around pulling my hair out and fantasizing about Canada. But, incredibly, you don't stew! It's like you're on a whole other plane.
   "It's so easy to lose sight of reality with all that glare from the fancy magic show illusions of our 'two' party system. Seriously. Your message is hopeful and real."
-- Kristen Werner,
Rollinsford, N.H.

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May 31, 2003

10 Easy Ways You Can Help the Campaign

Here are ten ways you can help the Lance Brown for President campaign, in mere moments, by just moving your hands around a little.

1. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues

Pass on one of my articles or e-mail updates, or just send your contact list an excited e-mail urging them to check out the site. Time and the Internet are two of this campaign's greatest assets -- time, to build momentum, and the Internet, to connect and communicate easily. Combine the two and spread the word!

2. Join the On The Road Support Network

Click here to read more about this. I'll be on the road pretty steadily for the next 5 years, starting soon. It will go a lot better if I have folks out there who are willing to lend support along the way.

3. Shop at my affiliate bookstores

I've got affiliate program accounts with and Laissez-Faire Books. I'll put up more robust ways to make use of these soon. For now, just buying something via those two links will help raise some money for my road trip and FEC filing.

4. Post or send a testimonial

Testimonials are one of marketing's best tools. I can say I'm great all I want, but it doesn't mean much coming from me. However, if you say I'm great, or whatever you might be moved to say about me, that means a lot. I've already got some really good testimonials posted over in the left column, but "the more, the merrier" definitely applies here. If you've got something to say about me and you don't mind if I spread it around, then post it as a comment here, or send me an e-mail ( and let me know it's o.k. to publish your comments (and name, city, state, if that's alright -- or tell me if it's not).

5. Submit the site to directories and links pages

I know there's a lot of places out there that have links pages or directory categories where this site would fit in, but I can't find them all -- and even if I could, I don't have time to submit the site to all of them. And even if I did, I think in many cases it's better if a third person suggests a site -- it's similar to the testimonials thing.

6. Alert the blogosphere

Surely you've heard about blogs (weblogs) -- you're reading one right now. The blogosphere -- the world of blogs, as it were -- is getting more powerful every day. And it's already quite mighty. Blogs are getting the word out to tens of millions of people, and often something exciting, strange, or funny can spread around the blogosphere in a matter of days -- and suddenly, everybody knows about it. Well, my campaign could be said to be exciting, weird, and funny -- a blogosphere hat trick (or trifecta, or triumvirate, if you prefer). This is another of those things where it's better for you to spread the word than for me to do it. I'll do my fair share of blog-o-introductions and hand shakes, but the real power to spread the blog-o-fire is in your hands.

Here are sites with lots of blogs: Wanderlust | | | Blogdex | Popdex | Blogger

There's now a whole section of blog places in the right column.

7. Make a graphic/button/banner

I'm not the most talented when it comes to designing graphics. I can get by, but I have a bad eye for color combinations, and most of the other stuff graphics gurus do well. I also haven't thought of any super-grabbing banner, button, or image link concepts. That said, I could certainly use some images for people to use if they want to link to here. It's a missing link in my quest to build a full-featured campaign site. I know that for some people making these things is real easy -- if you're one of those people, then this would qualify as an easy way to help. :-)

8. Link to the site

So simple, yet so effective. If you have a place where you post links -- be it your own site, or on a web forum or wherever -- post one to Easy as pie, and twice as sweet.

9. Improve my ratings at rankings sites

There are a number of places that list sites in order of the rank they earn by generating clicks and visitors.

This site is #10 and rising on the Top 25 Libertarian Sites list. You can help that rating by clicking on the Top 25 Libertarian Sites link or graphic often. (Plus right now, of course.) With your help, I'll spend a few years at the top of that list before 2008.

Blogarama has a similar system, but with a more general audience, topically speaking. This site is currently (updated: 8/4/03) #22 of 3030 sites in the "What's Cool" section, #112 in "What's Popular", and #1 in the Politics category! Your clicks on the Blogarama link here or in the right column will help boost our "What's Cool" rating, and help keep the site as the #1 Politics site. ("What's Popular" is based on how many people click on this site's listing there.) You can also post a review of this site at Blogarama, by clicking here.

And, while I'm not crazy about the formatting of the "Blogster Top 25" list (which actually lists the top 50) -- and it hasn't generated many visits so far -- it can't hurt to keep moving up that list, which your click here will help with. The site's #34 now. (updated: 8/4/03)

You can also rate the site more critically at BlogHop: One (best) | Two | Three | Four | Five (worst). The higher-rated sites get displayed more prominently at their site.

There's a graphic or link in the right column for each of these. Talk about easy ways to help my campaign! How much easier could it get?

10. Donate Money to the Campaign

Upcoming costs include filing my official papers with the FEC, my upcoming 5-year campaign road trip, and presentation materials for my campaign camp at Burning Man in August. [note: I'm not going to go to Burning Man this year after all.] I've been funding this campaign out of my own pocket for 9 years, and I'll continue to pour all I can into it for as long as I need to. I've been keeping the requests for donations mellow all this time, because I don't think it's been very reasonable to expect people to fund something that's not only super-unconventional, but which until recently has been very far away. I'm still keeping the request mellow, but it's going to be time to start really raising funds soon. Fair warning. ;-)

If you want to get warmed up, you can drop some money in my Paypal hat:

Posted by Lance Brown at May 31, 2003 11:35 PM | TrackBack
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