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November 07, 2003

Look over there! It's me, writing stuff.

I've got a couple things you can take a look at if you're interested.

Specifically, if you're interested in internal Libertarian Party activist back-and-forths, you can read "Knapp (and me) on Party Loyalty and the California Recall", which I just posted a bit ago at The Little Brown Reader. And if you're interested in trends in globally-minded political philosophy, you can read "Ilana Mercer: Bush is a Neoconservative", which I posted a couple days ago at

The first is me responding (way late) to Rational Review publisher Tom Knapp's opinion column about Libertarian leaders who jumped political ship for the recent recall election. The second is me using WorldNetDaily columnist Ilana Mercer's column about "neoconservative godfather" Irving Kristol's column about President Bush as a vehicle to respond to folks who have visited and complained about the "typical whiny liberal crap" there. (Hint: It's not really "typical whiny liberal crap" that's there.)

My article about Tom Knapp's column is a great example of the problem I often encounter when writing blog entries. I hadn't intended on making it into a big entry or anything -- I just wanted to say enough to make my point. But before I knew it, I had written a 1500-word column, and spent a goodly amount of time doing so. That's pretty much what happens any time I try to make a substantial point of some sort. I could pick any topic that I have an opinion on at random, and write a 1500-word column about it -- in fact, the problem would usually be finishing it in just 1500 words. A lot of times that keeps me from venturing down that road -- and most of the time I do venture down it, it's unplanned.

I considered re-posting my entry about Tom Knapp's column here, since The Little Brown Reader isn't really supposed to be for big writings, but for some reason I've decided not to bring it out to the "main stage". It's a little rambling and casual, and I make some fairly contentious claims about some fellow Libertarians, and I'm just going to leave it where it is, with the pointer posted here.

Posted by Lance Brown at November 7, 2003 11:59 PM | TrackBack
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