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November 26, 2003

Video Footage from The OC

I put together a little 4-minute video of clips I've taken with my digital camera. It's a still-image camera, but it captures little clips of silent video also. I posted a link to a bunch of those a while back.

Anyway, I was messing around with a bunch of them last night -- partly trying to figure out what all these unnamed little video clips were (I have at least 100 of them piled up), partly starting to put stuff together for a movie for my nieces and nephews on the east coast, and partly just practicing "the craft", as the industry people call it (I assume).

The result isn't much to speak of -- a 4-minute, silent, moving slideshow of sorts. But it's a little more than that too. There's some of the craft in there I think, and at the very least there are lots of shots of the peafowl as they've grown up over the past several months. It's definitely a peek into a small slice of my life, though I'm only in it in shadow form -- and it's totally non-political. In fact it's about as nonpolitical as it could be -- it's primarily footage of nature. (I live way out in the country.) It's also pretty silly, because I was just playing around while making it. It was more of a learning experience than anything. It probably doesn't rightfully belong on this site, but it's here (at least for now).

It's a big file. In fact, if I had my druthers, it'd be bigger, because I'm not happy with the video quality of the 30 meg version, which is what's below. It blurs up pretty bad in the action sequence. But the next step up is 90+ megs, and I don't have space for that at the moment. High-speed surfers should be able to handle this one OK...modem folks would have to leave it loading overnight or something. I'll probably update this anyway, because I didn't give my two dogs equal screen time, and I'm probably going to add some audio. So this version may go out of print -- see it while you can!

I'm not posting the video module on the front page, because it messes up the page load time, so click below to read on and see the video.

By the way, I will have more politically-oriented video to post here before long as well. This is just a random extra. (Unless you are seeing the full page already).

The OC*: Video Footage

Do not adjust your sound. The movie is silent.

You can download the file to your hard drive by right-clicking here and choosing "save target as", or some similar function.

<A HREF="">Play the clip using the stand-alone player</A>

Produced and directed by Lance Brown

Can't view the clip? Download the RealPlayer plug-in from RealNetworks

*This is of course not related to "The OC", the new show on Fox.
The "OC" of this video is related to my address.

Posted by Lance Brown at November 26, 2003 04:01 PM | TrackBack

To the person who posted the first comment here: Thanks for your input, but your message wouldn't be suitable for young family members of mine who might come check out this video. So I deleted it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by: Lance Brown at November 27, 2003 07:31 AM
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